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Paul McCartney “London Town” Recording Session


Paul McCartney’s album “London Town” album ( save for the titles done at EMI /Abbey Road) was recorded on the 105 foot yacht, “Fair Carol,” which was outfitted as a studio and most of the time floated lazily off St. John’s island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  There were actually three yachts engaged for the three week-long gig; one for recording, a second for the crew (“Samala”) and yet another for Paul, Linda and family.  All vocals were recorded Topside, which allowed the vocals to sound as open and natural-sounding as was possible.  A special isolation booth was built on the open-air Aft Deck for Paul to play acoustic guitar .  Drums were recorded in the Forward Salon which had folding doors that separated it from the Main Salon where all the other electric instruments were recorded.  At one point during the sessions, Paul took his small skiff from “El Toro” (his yacht) and was motoring happily over to “Fair Carol” to begin the days’ session when the engine just flat-out died!  Poor Lad.  TA even has a picture in these pages showing one of the world’s greatest musicians totally stranded between the two yachts.