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T A Audio

TA Audio is the home of veteran studio audio engineer, Tom Anderson.   I’ll just start by saying, “I LOVE MUSIC.”    And, I’m dedicated to making good music.

It kills me to hear someone say, “That’s good enough.”  This means to me that it could have been done better!!  I think the music deserves better than that.

I’m always open to trying new ideas when I’m doing a recording project.  Musical preconceptions limit the creative process and ultimately fail the objective, which is to make the best music that we can.  To do less is dishonest.

My goal is to create the sounds that you hear for your project.  To begin with, I will want to have pre-production meetings with you, the client.  As many as needed.  During our meetings we’ll kick around the ideas and concepts you have for the project … a long time before scheduling recording sessions.  I don’t see any reason to rush into production without taking time to consider the many details and variables involved in the recording process.  I need to be sure that your musical ideas are understood and have been realized before we go into the recording studio.

Let me repeat: I just want to make good music!!

In the time that I’ve been recording. my work has covered a wide range of musical genres and styles.  I have recorded many Artists that you probably know: Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Supertramp, America, Tower of Power, The Grateful Dead, Commander Cody, David Grisman, Hoyt Axton and many others.

Please see the Artists and Albums page for the complete listing.


It is with great sadness that I add that our dear Tom “TA” Anderson has left us. He is deeply missed by all who knew and loved him. He had immense talent for capturing a performance, a huge heart, a genuinely caring soul, and great “ears”. 

I added this at the end of this page so that his words are the first ones you read in the hope that you may know him better.

Cathy Miller Grady, friend and colleague